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  • The Objectives of the Association

    This association is created to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers, sailors and airmen buried in the American Cemeteries of Colleville-sur-Mer and Saint James in Normandy ( France ), by placing flowers on their tombs.

    Preamble :

    Peace is precious and it has a price, it is an effort, always it is of blood, and too often its price is paid by men's lives.
    The peace we know in Normandy and France was paid for by the sacrifice of the young lives of Allied soldiers.

    In the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer there are 10,944 brave Americans remembered; in the American Cemetery in Saint James the markers of 4,908 Americans remind us of the supreme sacrifice paid for France's liberation from the yoke of the Nazis.
    Today we know the liberty and happiness of freedom. We can never forget those that are buried in our country. Two generations have passed that to do not know the horrors of war.

    Objective :

    Nothing is truly won, it is imperative that we do not hide the past to preserve the future. Therefore in a gesture of respect, of remembrance and of friendship, the families and members of the association "Les Fleurs de la Mémoire" commit in writing : to lay a bouquet of flowers on the grave of a soldier, one time per year, if possible on the American Memorial Day, to remember the sacrifices of these brave men.

    The grave that the family will put the flower upon will be the grave of a soldier that fought in the region. The grave will be determined by the association, the association will inform the family of the grave by giving it a card to that effect.

    The family that takes responsability for placing flowers on the grave will pass this responsability on to its children to ensure the perpetuation of the obligation. In the case that it is impossible to place a bouquet of flowers on the tomb annually, please inform the association and if possible find another family to take the family's responsability.

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